5 day count down to my Whole30

This is my guideline for 30 days.  Seems easy enough but because I have done this before, I know it’s not.  I look at it and mentally, I’m all about it.  I mean, I feel healthier already just looking at the good foods I should be eating.  I wish it was that simple.  I have always been disciplined and been able to say “NO” to the foods I knew were not beneficial to my health….UNTIL NOW!!!!!!

I think I have had such a hard time starting this again because even though it’s a 30 day reset, for me….It’s more!  It’s a lifestyle.  I don’t do good with the whole “once in awhile treat or splurge”.  It’s all or nothing.  That one GF treat I had two years ago after eating a paleo way for so long totally messed me up.  I would have another and then another and then allowed GF breads and cookies and then some dairy and oh how I missed tortilla chips and salsa.  Yep…you guessed…I allowed that back even with the stomach aches I endured.  I’m trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this is the best way for me to eat.  This is what my doc has told me over and over.  This is what all my tests and labs have told me. This is what my body has told me.  The pain that is going on in my body as I sit and type is telling me to take care of it and stop giving in to those milk chocolate Cadbury mini eggs.

I’m trying to think positively about the benefits I will have by doing this reset.  I know they will be great but I also remember how hard the detox was on me the first time and how I didn’t experience for like 3 weeks the “magic” everyone talked about having their first week.  I am thankful that I have couple friends who will be doing this with me and we will be able to support each other.  It does make it difficult that my husband is the complete opposite as eating goes and that I can’t rid my house of all the foods not allowed.  I will have to cook two different meals for dinner as well.

So I have 5 days to go and……I went to Blaze pizza last night and had my GF pizza crust loaded with meats and veggies topped with light mozzarella…HEAVEN!!!!  I had to have it before I started this.  It will be my last pizza that way.  Along with gluten, I am not supposed to be eating grains as they do a number on my body.  There was a day I was happy to have a paleo pizza crust with all those toppings and no cheese and loved it.  I look forward to that day again.

I’m hoping this blog will be helpful as I write these things down.  I don’t know if anyone will read it.  I love thinking about people out there being interested and following my journey and maybe even walking it with me.

Off to fold some clothes…..


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