One of my favorite things…

I am troubled by so much. I keep so many feelings, thoughts, frustrations inside. It’s not healthy and I am feeling the effects of this. I am hoping, praying, longing to be free to talk and express myself. The name of my blog is journey to ALL health because I need to be healthy in more than just my eating. 

So that has nothing to do with my favorite things… LOL!!!!  But actually it does, I guess. 

One of my most favorite things is every night I come and lay with my little man. We laugh a little, talk a little, go on and on about who loves who more while he cuddles up with my arms around him. In these moments, I forget about all the things “bottled away”. He eventually falls asleep and more times than not, I get emotional. Like tonight. I love this little guy. I love his sisters. It’s amazing how they can drive me crazy all day and I lay here and don’t want to leave this moment. I love to smell his head. It may sound weird but I don’t care. He smells like my little boy. I am blessed that I got to have one more day with them (insert tears😢). 

Goodnight! Off to the next kid’s room. 

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