Long day and Easter eggs

Thursday’s are a long day. I am so tired. I feel really yucky. I have a foggy head. I have a nauseous headache, dizzy and my ears feel thick and are pounding. Complain, complain😞😞

Four days until my life changes FOREVER!!!  So dramatic, I know. Not much to say today. Have some anxiety and feel in a funk.

As Easter is just a couple days away, I try to find the balance between the true meaning and the fun. We love to dye eggs and do egg hunts. We usually use our dyed eggs but this year I bought plastic eggs and wanted to put non-candy goodies in them. Right now I am working on a list of things to pick up at Target.  Here’s what I have so far:

Mini Bath bombs



Mini spiders, Dino’s, frogs

Lego set (split up)

Silly putty

Finger toys

Sponge grow capsules

Mini nail polish

I have about 4 yrs between kids so I think I will give them each a color they have to find. That way, my oldest daughter won’t get mini spiders and dinosaurs and my little man won’t get nail polish😉

Mainly, I’m trying to reflect on Easter and the resurrection. I can’t seem to get passed what was done to Christ and I want to meditate on what Christ did for me instead. I really desire to have a better understanding of the sacrifice Christ made for us. We always take time in our day to sit as a family and read from the Bible and discuss what we are truly celebrating.
Well there is my scattered brain written down….

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