DAY 31 of my Whole 30

We just did day 30 yesterday and I will be continuing. I am not at all where I was hoping to be at this point. I was hoping for some “magic” to happen. I knew there would not be magic esp since I have other issues besides foods affecting me. This is one of the ways to see what is food and what isn’t. My doc says 3 months will be a good test of time as long as I am strict with the no grains, refined sugars, dairy, legumes…. My body is so inflamed and hopefully detoxing from these inflammation foods will be helpful.

I am not going to lie…I feel discouraged!!!  I’m not sure why though.  I just completed 30 days of a strict eating program.  I have done it before but this time going in was a battle for me.  I think knowing that this truly has got to be my lifestyle has made it harder.  I ate paleo for a long time and then slowly allowed the certain grains in that made the yummy  once in a while gluten-free treats that turned into everyday.  My healthy dark chocolate started getting lighter as I bought it with more and more dairy.  My greek yogurt tasted so much better with the sugar added and the “grain” granola on top.  Little choices that turned into a daily lifestyle for the few seconds of taste bud satisfaction and days of inflammation and pain.

My journey is not over….I am on day 31 and will continue day by day by day by day!!!!!