Advent, Passion and God…My brain!


I was laying in bed last night thinking about three things.  1- Making sure my passion for God is more than my passion for health.  2- Who is God to me? and 3- What does advent mean?  I know.  All random!!!!!  SOOOOOO……  Let me show you how my brain works:  I was thinking about some things a friend shared with me about my sudden Plexus passion and my new blog which mainly talks of my health journey.  This led me to think of where my relationship with God is and who He is to me.  Is He more to me than “healing my gut”?  I named my blog Journey to ALL Health for a reason….ALL meaning spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional.  I want to be healthy in all these areas so I can better serve Him and those around me.  So as I started making a list of things GOD IS, I thought about doing a little blog post every night leading up to Christmas to help keep my focus on Him.  So that obviously led me to think of Advent…LOL!!!!

1- Passion….What does passion mean?  There are several definitions but the one that fits what I’m talking about is: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.  Do I have this passion more for health than God?  Would others say I’m obsessed with health?  I love God with every fiber in my body.  He gives us desires.  He wants us to enjoy Him, enjoy life and enjoy others.  I have always loved learning things about the body and how to treat it and heal it naturally.  I do have a passion for it and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  I just need to make sure that it never becomes an idol, that it never trumps God.  I decided to ask my kids what came to mind when they thought of me, what kinds of things would they remember about me.  I was thankful when I heard that I loved God and taught them about Him.  None of them said anything about health.  Some other things they said were I love turtles, cuddles, baking with them, best PB&J sandwiches, and that I love chocolate, of course:)

IMG_4382Sea turtle that I really wanted at our fair this year.  Levi won it!!!!

2- Who is God?….I have to admit, I pondered this for awhile.  God is so many things but I really wanted to take a personal look at who He is to me.  These were things that if I did my own “advent” blog each day, what are the things I would talk about?  I read several Christian blogs and I learn so much of who God is by all these deep and wise things they are able to pull from His Word. I became sad as I realized that my knowledge of God and who He is was lacking.  I wondered if I would be able to write even a paragraph.  God and who He is overwhelms me!!!!  He is so magnificent and awesome and BIG and I just can’t comprehend it all sometimes.  Why would He choose to love me?  Why does He continue to lavish His grace on me…a wretched, ungrateful, complaining sinner!!!  Do I even really understand what this grace is?  I did end up grabbing my phone and putting some thoughts down and I plan on sharing them with you through the next couple weeks.  My last thought…..

3- Advent…….We started our chocolate advent calendars yesterday and I am receiving John Piper’s advent devotional each day before Christmas.  But, I really didn’t know the meaning or history behind it.  I googled it and it basically means “coming” in Latin.  It starts four Sundays before Christmas which makes this year start on December 3.  In simple terms…..It’s a time when we, as Christians, focus and commemorate the “coming” of Christ….His birth, and anticipate His second “coming”.  Each day we can reflect upon Christ and His birth to help keep our focus on Him first through the busy holiday season.  Of course, there was so much more that I read and I encourage you to google it.  It was interesting!


So there you have it!!!!  My random thoughts that all make sense to me.

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