My name is “mom”. I hear this at least 500 times a day which means 800 of my words a day are “what?” because they never answer the first.

My everyday consists of a husband and three kids and an amazing God who continues to show me His grace and mercy daily!!!!  I have always had a passion for health and doing things as naturally as I can.  A few years back, all my unhealthy choices decided to catch up and wreak havoc on my body.  I have been on a health journey since trying to better myself so I can serve God, my family and others to the fullest.

I love blogs!  I love readings people’s thoughts, fears, experiences, struggles, good times, health, etc….  Blogs are a part of their journey.  We are all on a journey.  All journeys end at some point.  Mine will end with Heaven, spending eternity with my Savior.  So between now and the end of my journey, I want to live the best I can… spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.