My Testimony: Gut Health is Key!!!!

I was sharing with someone and decide to just make it a blog entry. I once again became busy in life and write blogs in my head but I never seem to make it to the computer to write them out.


I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression for about seven years. I’ve always had anxiety and depression but it became really severe after my third was born. It even landed me in the emergency room one night.

I have also had severe gut issues along with everyday migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have tried to do things as healthy as I could with natural supplements, essential oils and eating the proper way. All of these things have helped but never quite got me to a place where I was just feeling good. I also had sleepless nights which included me up panicked, crying and fighting the anxiety by journaling, praying and meditating on God‘s word just to get through the night.

I was introduced to a natural, plant-based company. I was skeptical that this “could change my life”.  I had tried so many different products and supplements and had done things as naturally as I could. I refused to be put on any medications for the pain, my gut and the anxiety. I had a friend who started these natural products who had similar issues and different autoimmune issues. So, I researched it hard core and watched her health change (and a couple others) for about four months and realized that it was a quality product. My doctor was talking to me about doing something that was unnatural that would tear my body down and hopefully kill whatever was trying to destroy my gut and then we could try and rebuild. My husband and I decided to just give this company a try.

I started on their “three product combo” to target gut health. I do believe that our gut is the second brain and controls so much. After my first month, I knew this was going to do what I had been searching for for so long. In the next months, I noticed a difference in my anxiety, my inflammation, my every night six months pregnant belly bloating, my Fibro pain, my headaches and my overall energy.

I decided to add in their multivitamin, their plant-based Omega, and another probiotic with strains that targeted anxiety, stress and depression.  These have just made this journey so much better.  Because I’ve been working on getting my gut healthy, my body has been able to benefit and absorb the nutrients to heal my body.  I have not had one panic attack or anxiety that has kept me up all night. This alone amazes me. I rarely get a headache and when I do, it’s related to my messed up neck.  My daughter always points out how I don’t look pregnant every night.  The body pain is minimal and I don’t need a nap even on my tiredest days…although, some days I wouldn’t mind one..LOL!!!  AND…I haven’t been sick.  My immune system is healthy…finally!!!!

I tried to keep it short and simple:)

Interested in anything said here…comment or message me!  My passion is to help you feel better.


Surprise Mail!!!!

This little silver button… Isn’t it cute? And elegant!!!!

I received this unexpected little surprise from Plexus yesterday. This may not seem like a big deal but for me….. it brought a smile to my face. Why? Because it means I’m helping people feel better. I did not join Plexus to start a business. I joined Plexus to see if it would help me feel better as I had seen it help a couple of my friends. If you know me or if you have read my blog, you know that I love all things health and I love learning and sharing about it. I love the word journey and I love being on one.

Journey: We are all on one!!!!  From the time we are born until we take our last breath.  Our journeys are full of ups and downs, tears and smiles, pain and heartache, joy and peace, regret and contentment, mistakes and accomplishments, sickness and health….all these things make up our journey, make us who we are.  I have spent a lot of my journey grumbling and complaining.  I am selfish and don’t like it when things don’t go my way.  My focus is on me more than it is on my Savior. When I started this blog, Journey To ALL Health, I wanted to grow and be better in my journey.  I wanted to get healthy spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I love that the little silver button says… Enjoy the journey! That meant a lot to me. I have always thought of my life as a journey.  Those three words really made me think.  Am I enjoying the ups and downs and everything that comes along with a journey?  Obviously, at times, our journeys throw us a curve ball and turn our world upside down.  These are NOT enjoyable times but…I’m sure there is something in our lives that we can enjoy during those times.  Make a list of the good things you have been blessed with and keep it close so you can remind yourself when the going gets tough.

Thank you Plexus for being a part of my journey and helping me feel a little better everyday.  Thank you for the opportunity to help others who want to feel better.  I did not set out to have a small business when I decided to become an Ambassador.  I liked the discount price and knew that I needed to give Plexus a good year to get my messed up gut functioning properly.  I was excited about the changes I was feeling and so….I started to share.  I have learned so much about our guts and how they really do act as a second brain for our bodies.  If our gut is not healthy….Pretty much everything else in our system will be off.  I love when I get a call or email from someone who is desperate to feel better NOT because they are suffering but because I can help them and be a part of their journey.

That’s all!!!!  Who knew a little magnet pin could cause so much emotion and thought.


Let’s play catch up!!!!

What is up with all the sick around us?  Thankfully, we haven’t caught everything going around and have avoided a majority of it.  YET…It seems we have to take a turn.  My oldest had a cold and was on the mend and then took a quick turn and got Bronchitis.  She’s good now.  My youngest had a mild cold weeks ago and woke up with it again yesterday.  He is still bouncing off the walls with energy though.  My middle, who’s immune system used to be so weak, has avoided the sick for months but she is fighting something right now.  I am so thankful for our Plexus because it has really worked on repairing Abby’s gut and kept things pretty mild when we do get sick.  I can’t imagine where we would be if we weren’t taking care of our immune systems.


Health Journey:

I have been doing a ton of research on diets, again.  Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Pegan, Mediterranean, Zone, ETC….. How the heck are we supposed to eat and is there a one size fits all?  I have always loved studying nutrition, health, fitness…anything that has to do with a better quality of life.  I have been gluten free for over 5 years.  I do little dairy and try to stick to greek yogurt and hard cheeses and, of course, Kerrygold butter.  The last three years I have been mostly Paleo but do have periods of time where I eat some grains or Rubio’s nachos. For the most part, I try to eat as healthy as I can.

I have been revisiting this topic as I was looking to see the hype of the Ketogenic diet.  For me personally, I have decided this is not best.  This led me to look at a more plant based diet and it’s benefits.  I have always avoided doing a strict vegetarian or vegan because grains have always affected me and let’s face it….A medium rare steak every once in awhile makes me happy:)  I have realized that these lifestyles have something healthy to offer.  Keto…High amount of healthy fats.  Paleo and Vegan and Vegetarian…Focus on clean eating.

I came to the conclusion that vegetables and fruit need to be a bigger part of my everyday and meats and grains are to be more like a condiment or accessory, if you will.  Because I have been working on healing my gut, I have been able to get off of the digestive enzymes for good and my system is handling different foods a little better.  I am on a journey…a journey to better health, a better quality of it.  I will be working on upping my fruit and vegetable intake.  I would like a majority of my nutrients to come from those foods.  It is amazing what plant-based foods have to offer.  I will try different healthy grains and see what my body can digest at this point.  Is this the way for everyone?…I don’t know.  We all need to find what works best for us.  I am not going to preach that this diet or that diet is “THE ONLY WAY”.  I will just encourage others to eat clean, eat raw, eat nutrients.

Spiritual Journey:

I’m still a sinner!!!!  Every Single Day…I blow it!!!!  I hate sin, I hate sinning!  I hate hurting those around me.  I hate hurting God.  Good news…He is the same yesterday, today, forever.  He is always there.  He showers me with His grace and mercy daily despite the sinner I am.  He loves me.  He gives hope.  He gives rest.  He gives strength.  He gives peace.  All of  this…I do not deserve!!!  But I get it anyway because our God is good and gracious and kind!!!



I am not a “saleswoman” but if you are interested in what these natural supplements are that help with gut health and happiness, let me know!!!!

I’m BACK!!!! With a passion!!!!

passion defs

I have written many things the last couple months on paper, in my head and even here on my blog BUT didn’t share any of it.  Not sure where I was or what was going on.  I felt like I was in a funk.  Actually, I’m still kinda there.  I started to write a Facebook post and realized it was getting longer and longer and it was not really Facebook post material.  Soooooo…I said, “Enough is enough!!!!  You have a blog.  Stop being scared of it.  Get out of your funk and start writing because you like to do it and it’s a good release”.

So I copied it and brought it here:

We share about what matters to us, what we are passionate about. For some it’s leggings, for some it’s smelly house goods, for some it’s natural cleaning products, cake creations, essential oils, kid’s books…you see where I am going with this. For me, it’s gut health!!!! There will be haters. There will be skeptics. There will be teasers. There will be those who make you feel inadequate, stupid, and insecure. That’s okay. It has to be okay.  God gives us our own desires and talents and passions.  He didn’t make us to be little robots who can’t think for themselves.  He created us in His image.  He created each of us different.

There is not another me out there.  I love all things natural and I love learning about the ways we can heal from the inside out.  I love everything I am learning about gut health and how it controls so much of how we function and feel.  I love how I am taking steps to better gut health.  I love that those steps are working to help me feel better.  I love that I can have better quality of life in the days I’m given.  AND…..I love sharing all of this with others.

Now I mentioned above that some won’t care to listen and I can’t be offended or take it personal.  I will still keep sharing my life, my likes, my dislikes, my passions….with others.  Tonight, I heard from a friend who decided to try the supplements I have been sharing about and it was so encouraging.  It reminded me why I share.  It encouraged me to keep sharing.  She has had a rough go of health issues and is starting to notice changes.  She is starting to feel better.  (“smiling from ear to ear”) It’s all worth it!!!  I want others to feel better.  It makes me emotional.  I am actually tearing up right now…GEEZ!!!!!

Okay, enough emotion!!!!  What is your passion?  Are you sharing it with other?

Peace out!!!


I am not a saleswoman but if you are interested in what these natural supplements are that help with gut health and happiness, let me know!!!!

No Disney Hangover!!!! Feeling accomplished!!!!

So we just spent four days doing amusement parks. One at Universal Studios and three at Disneyland. Insane??? YES!!!! One day at an amusement park is long. I seriously get a “Disney hangover”. I feel like I have been run over by a truck the next day. No joke!!!

I was a little nervous about four whole days because on our passed Disney trips longer than one day, I feel tired and sore and just plain yucky. Then there’s the whole food thing. Food has always been such an issue for me and I would usually walk around bloated and gassy and sick. Then, after we get home, the suitcases sit around for a few days as we slowly pull things out of them. And I won’t even get started on how exhausting it is mentally going on rides with my claustrophobia. If my kids could experience what I truly go through, they would get how much mommy really does love them.

What does this have to do with feeling accomplished? Well, let me tell you. When we got home, we brought everything in and I got to work. Ice chest…..unloaded. Suitcases……unloaded. Extra bags full of food and toys and extras, That’s right!!!!…..unloaded. Laundry piles made and one already in the wash. This is big!!! REAL BIG!!!! I don’t do this. I am dead to life after being away. BUT… that’s not all.

Let’s talk four days of walking 7-8 miles everyday. I did it!!! And I did it well. Let me just list some differences I saw this trip.

  • Cravings…I usually have cravings for dole whip, ice cream and chocolate covered caramel marshmallow rolled in cashews on a stick. I usually have one of these cuz I’m at Disneyland and deserve a treat. I also usually bring Trader Joe’s JoJos and Trader Joe’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies and then some kind of chocolate. Oh and let’s not forget about a Starbucks refresher EVERYDAY. Well this trip I didn’t even think about a refresher, I brought home a closed box of JoJos, the kids had a cookie and I never bought a treat. I did have a couple bites of Abby’s ice cream. It was dripping and I had to help my girl out… HaHa!!!!
  • Energy….I wasn’t dragging. I wasn’t thinking about a nap or sleep that night. I wasn’t fatigued and this was exciting for me. I am usually so frustrated by how tired I am that I just can’t enjoy our day. My body was able to do four days. I’m still amazed by this. By night three, certain joints that already have pain were pretty sore. It was cold and that didn’t help but I did my therapy ball and stretches and was good to go for our last day.
  • Food…We always have one meal a day at the park. Thankfully both places are very helpful in the allergens area. Even so, I usually bloat up, get gassy and feel full and sickish. Not this time. Now, I did have the “This food is not organic, total GMO’s and totally processed” feeling…..but we ate and I was still comfortable.
  • SLEEP!!!! Yes, I’m yelling about it cuz it’s freaking awesome. I never sleep in hotels. I usually lay awake, mind racing, anxiety ridden, miserably tired. Well, guess what???? I slept every night. This is huge. HUGE!!!!

Nothing has changed except Plexus. Yep!!! I’m talking about it again.  I can’t help it.  I feel like I am getting a life back.  We share about the things we love and are passionate about, right?  Well that’s me with Plexus.  Those who know me know that I’ve always been into the healthy and most natural way.  Now I have found the right supplements that are assisting all the other food and life changes I have made.  It’s just the next step in MY health journey.  I have tried so many different brands of supplements and have never experienced what I needed.  That’s why you have never heard me share like this.  Like I’ve said before….I had no intention about sharing this.  But the changes are just too good not to share.

So as my fourth load of laundry is washing, I am sitting in a hot bath, new candle burning, writing this blog🤗

Plus, I got to meet Lucy and Doc!!!!Side note….My 10yo (pic below) asked me why they call Disneyland the happiest place on earth when all she sees are kids crying and having temper tantrums cuz they don’t get what they want. Very observant!!! Cracked me up🤣


FullSizeRenderI HID CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Confession time!  Only a couple people know this deep dark secret.  I had done it for years.  If my husband reads this, he will learn something new about me.  I talked of how to be healthy all the time.  When in public, I rarely gave in to sweets in front of anyone. Unhealthy food made me feel guilty.  It was difficult because people would make a huge deal of my “self-control” and how I stayed in shape.  So much pressure!!!!  It really ate at me for years.  I felt like I had to be perfection all the time.  So….this stressed me out and I ate “sugar” in secret.  It got so bad that if I bought a bag of MnM’s or Cadbury mini eggs for the candy cupboard and gave in to them, I would eat them with no control and have to go buy another “replacement” bag before anyone knew.  Sometimes, I would buy two…One for me to hide and one for the candy cupboard.  What was wrong with me?  I felt so depressed and hypocritical. I felt like I had no control.

I love sugar.  I have always craved it.   I tried all the ways to get rid of my “sugar cravings”.  Never worked!!!  Always failed.  I could get through my Whole30 and do well for awhile after but I always went back.  I can say the sugar cravings weren’t as bad as I was eating healthier but there were still moments.  And those moments usually came when I was depressed, having a sucky day and stressed out.  Do you know how many candy bars I have consumed on my way home after grocery shopping?  YIKES!!!!

So let’s fast forward to today.  Do I still hide chocolate?  YES!!!  But it’s not out of shame or guilt.  It’s not because I’m embarrassed.  It’s because I try to buy better chocolate and my kids eat it.  I like to have a little saved so when I really want something, it’s there.  The point of my blog today…those two cans of chocolate in the pic were in my cupboard.  I bought one of them about two weeks ago and the other, I can’t even remember buying.  One can of chocolates would usually be gone in two days.  One of those cans is brand new and one is missing one piece.  It hit me today when I found them that even though I still eat sugar, I have not gone on a rampage for awhile looking for something sweet.  This is exciting for me!!!!!

Okay, I’m going to do what I do….Jump to something new but will bring it all together, I promise!!!!!  Heard of Candida?  Candida is not bad…it’s a type of yeast that naturally exists in our bodies.  We are all born with it. It decomposes our bodies when we die. It’s a normal part of our gut bacteria.  Heard of Candida Overgrowth? It’s a fungal infection or yeast infection.  It is caused when candida grows and overpopulates your digestive system (and spreads throughout the rest of your body).  Some Top Contributors: 1. Weakened immune system, 2. High sugar diet, 3. Frequent antibiotic use, 4. Birth control,  5. Chronic stress.  Intense sugar cravings, brain fog, bloating, depression, anxiety, chronic digestive issues, nail or toe fungus and constant low energy are a few of the symptoms.  If you read my story a couple posts back, you know I struggle with all of these.  I tested high.

So, yes, I am bringing Plexus into this.  I am all about their product called Triplex.  These three products work together to heal and create a healthy gut.  Slim, Probio5 and Biocleanse.

I am going to talk about the SLIM:  This is known as the “pink drink”.  I believe this has been a key factor in helping my sugar cravings.  It was originally developed for diabetics to stabilize blood sugars.  Slim promotes the growth of good gut microbes, supports healthy glucose metabolism, aids in weight loss and contains a clinically studied XOS prebiotic.  There are many benefits of Slim and I am convinced that it has played a part in beginning to balance things out in my body.  Reduce sugar cravings???…I never thought this was possible, especially for me.  But, the fact that I have two cans of chocolates and I have no desire at this moment to have one even after writing about it is HUGE!!!!!

Oh goodness…I forgot about my problem with Gluten free JoJo’s but I’ll save that for another day.  Let’s just say I ate about half a box the night before I started Plexus and right now there is a box in the cupboard and I don’t think I’ve had one for two weeks.  WHAT????

The Gut…Do you want the good or bad controlling your health?

The Gut…Do you want the good or bad controlling your health?

I wrote a few days ago and shared a little about myself.  Today, I came on to share what this amazing product is that I have found.  BUT as I looked back and read a couple posts before this, the one titled Life… on April 27th was interesting.  I wrote where I was at (again).  As I read it, I could feel how hopeless I was on my physical issues changing.  I encourage you to go back and read it.
Although I am in a similar place, I am NOT!!!

I have hope!

Hope given by a company called Plexus.  They are all about happy and healthy and understand that it all begins in the gut.  Like I shared in my last blog, I knew the gut controlled it all and I knew a lot about “the gut” in general but the last two months everything has finally clicked.  All the knowledge in my head is being lived out.  Heard of Gut dysbiosis?  Gut dysbiosis, sometimes called bacterial dysbiosis, means you have a lack of beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  (Link below for more info)  I encourage you to read it and learn so much. If anything, scroll to the symptoms and I’m pretty sure your eyes will open up to just how important a healthy gut is and how you have “symptoms” that stem from an unhealthy gut. Did you know we have more than 300-500 species of bacteria in our guts….good and bad. It overwhelms me!  In short, Gut dysbiosis IS bad bacteria messing with your gut microbiome!!!  Quick lesson: The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses – that live on and inside the human body. The number of genes in all the microbes in one person’s microbiome is 200 times the number of genes in the human genome. The microbiome may weigh as much as five pounds. (Really confused now??? Link below on more info…it really is fascinating. Read it!!!!)

All I know is that I want the genetic material inside me healthy!!!!

Changing gears. Science lesson over:) Plexus!!!! Another online company that wants you to sign up people to make them money….NOPE!!! NOPE!!!! AND NOPE!!!! Is it an online company? YES! Can you make money? Sure, if you want! If you join for the business side, you get out of it what you put in. It’s the way of the world now. There are over 38,000 home-based businesses in the USA. Did I join to make money? NOPE!!! I bought their products after watching people I know have their health transformed. I don’t mean a little tummy ache but…Autoimmune diseases, IBS, SIBO, Thyroid, Chronic Fatigue, Fibro, Severe anxiety and Depression.  Oh my gosh…SO MUCH MORE!!!!! I basically replaced the supplements I was already on. That made sense, no-brainer. Most of us already take supplements…Probiotic, prebiotic, multivitamins, omegas, etc.


I did decide to join as an Ambassador because I wanted the most discount and I knew even though they offered a 60 money back, I would not be using it. I knew my journey of healing would be just that….A JOURNEY!!! I did not expect to see anything right away BUT…..

I have noticed how this product has actually helped in such a short time and am excited to see how my body continues to heal and repair in this next year. YES!!!!  I said year.  You see, our many years of damage isn’t just undone after a week or even a Whole30 of “healthy”.  This is not a quick fix.  When I started on this product 55 days ago, I had no intention of telling anyone.  I was going to wait until I was “perfect”.  I couldn’t wait though.  I am all about honesty.

One thing I will add…Cuz I’m honest:) I have days of doubt. I have to daily remind myself that this will take time. I have to keep a daily journal of how I’m feeling. I do this so I can go back and see how I progress. There may be things that don’t completely change. This is not a cure. This is a means to help me be the healthiest, best version of me. This helps to make my everyday possible and better. This is helping me from this day forward to not go backwards anymore. I left a link to my site if you would like to see what it’s all about.

Gut dysbiosis:
My site:

GUT HEALTH: The next step in my Journey To All Health

So I finished my Whole30 long ago and it just didn’t give me the results like the others I had done.  Conclusion: More tests. Same problems.  Everyday, I wanted to blog.  I felt stuck.  What do I write?  I was depressed, anxious, tired, in pain and just plain mad at life!!!!   What’s wrong with me???  Let me share a little about my “stuff”.  Please take a few minutes.  I bet you can relate.

This may be a little long but would love for you to hear where I’m at. I have struggled for years with different health issues which seem to point to an unhealthy gut. I have been told by several doctors that I have Fibro (gut related) and have been in denial because it seems to be the diagnosis for…”We don’t know what’s wrong with you!”.  I have also tested high on the symptoms test for candida overgrowth…which is totally gut related!!!! Do you know what else is gut related?  Anxiety, mood swings, depression, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, painful bloating, food sensitivities, fungus issues, sugar cravings, pain ….You name it!!!!  I had it!!!  My body has worked against itself for years. I have googled all these issues and “the gut” always seemed to come up.  I knew I needed to “heal my gut”.  That’s the path I’ve been on….Yet, I always seem to get stuck.  I’ve eliminated the food, added different supplements and while there was some relief….It was never enough.  My chiropractor now is amazing and really helped me start understanding “THE GUT”. I have also learned a lot from my own research and studying and through a friend of mine who is in the process of becoming a naturopathic doctor.

I was recently introduced to a line of plant-based supplements that are geared toward maintaining healthy weight, healthy gut, energy and so much more. I wanted to get on them for several months and see if they were really all they promoted before I shared. I was skeptical.  I tried so many things.  Put out so much money.  BUT…I couldn’t get over the results and testimonies of people I actually knew.  (AND I have met a bunch of people (new friends) who have amazing testimonies).  However, I kept getting stuck on one thing…This company seemed to promote weight loss.  I jumped to the conclusion that it was a lose weight fast pill.  NOPE!!!!  I was so wrong!!!!  I did my research.  I was added to my friend’s Facebook Team group where I was able to just observe, ask questions and be educated about GUT HEALTH.  That is what this company is about.  The losing weight part just comes with balancing your sugar, healing your gut and getting healthy.

So I decided to give it a try.  Why not?…..60 day money back guarantee….Nothing to lose, RIGHT?  I figured I’d give it the 60 days.  If I was happy, I would keep going and then share 6-8 months in.  I mean, gut healing takes time and patience.  BUT, one and a half months in…I was experiencing little steps that made me want to share it with others. (I sound like an infomercial)  I have always had a passion about health and helping others…this seems right up my alley:)

BACKTRACK: My doc wanted me to do a 2 week drink that he said tasted awful and it would be 3x/day and no food. It is completely unnatural and would probably mess with my body but would hopefully help with the “IBS”.  It also cost over $500.  Eric and I talked about it and we decided to try this other natural product first.  So thankful I did. It’s hard to remain patient when you are dealing with healing the gut. It is a long process to undo so many years of destruction. My lifestyle choices before I became who I am now really did a number on my body.  Along with that healing meant die-off symptoms (detox) and they can be a bit discouraging.  Everyone has a different past, everyone has a different story, everyone’s healing process is going to be different.  SO….

I wanted to tell you all (I know no one is there…LOL!!!!) that I am 50 days in on this product and although I still have a long way to go…I am seeing some changes. Two of the biggest are my blood sugar is normalizing so my cravings are lessening and I am making better food choices. I do, however, have a long way to go and still love my chocolate:) I also have seen improvement on my bloating. I am notorious for having a 6 month food baby almost every night (See pic). The last couple weeks I have noticed less bloating and have been eating the healthy things that normally make me feel full and bloated. Oh and can I just say that my energy has increased a bit. Even on my tired days, I’m making it through without the thought of a nap. I also have major anxiety and irritability…I call it my “rage monster”.   But I am noticing I am staying a bit calmer than I normally would. I also haven’t had a sleepless, anxiety filled night for a few weeks. I am still human, my body is still aging and there are some things that can’t be undone….This is helping me though. For the first time, I feel like I have some hope of feeling better.


The kids have been taking their two main products every night and we have noticed it helping them stay healthy, bathroom regular which is big for us and not catch everything going around. Abby who stayed off of gluten for a year to help heal her leaky gut has just added back in the gluten and so far so good.
So I am excited by this new journey I am on and wanted to share with you all where I’m at. I am completely gluten free, little dairy and working on eliminating most sugars. I won’t get rid of my local honey. I know it’s long road but it’s a health journey!!!!  My health journey!!!!  I encourage you to have your own health journey!!!!  My next post I will share this amazing plant based product with you.

Here is more on my journey:

No Disney Hangover!!!! Feeling accomplished!!!!

The Gut…Do you want the good or bad controlling your health?